Violin : Cello : Guitar : Piano : Voice : Sax : Recorder

Racheal Cogan

Recorder, Piano & Voice Instructor, B.Mus (Hons), Lydian Studio

Racheal specializes in playing recorders – from the smaller ones, to her current favourites that are really big, including the contrabass recorder that is taller than she is. Her instrumental music teaching experience includes lessons to individual students from beginners through to more advanced students and music professionals: at primary schools, secondary schools, music studios, music conferences and universities. Her teaching method is very flexible and adapts easily to the individuals needs including written notation, learning music by ear and improvisation in a variety of styles as suits each person.

Her performance experience on recorders, singing, and the occasional keyboard, includes playing in two different shows with Cirque du Soleil around Asia, Europe and North America, playing with bands and ensembles in most major music festivals in Australia, various performances in Vietnam and the United States, and two years touring around Greece, Turkey and Macedonia with Ross Daly and Labyrinth.

Racheal’s educational background ranges from a music degree in performance and ethnomusicology at Monash University to individual periods of study in India, France, The Netherlands, and Greece, all funded by organisations like The Australia Council for the Arts, Asialink and The Ian Potter Foundation. Racheal devotes a lot of time developing new music for recorders. Some of her latest works can be heard on her soundcloud page here: Edition Tre Fontaine, based in Germany, are currently publishing her latest print music.