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Denisha Teichroeb

Piano, Lydian Studio

Denisha Teichroeb has always enjoyed music, and began to play the piano at a young age, also developing a passion for the cello when she 12. Combined, she has played the piano for 13 years, and the cello for 8. She recently completed the Royal Conservatory of Music’s [RCM] Grade 8 Piano exam last summer as well as the RCM Grade 6 Cello exam and the Grade 2 (advanced) theory exam, completing all with First Class Honors. In addition to playing cello in a trio (along with a violin and viola), she has also played in a quintet with an additional of a violin and double bass.

Denisha teaches through Music for Young Children (MYC),a program which introduces kids and their parents to music through fun activities and interaction with other students, and through listening, singing, and playing the piano. Having heard about the program through a friend who was putting her daughters into the program, Denisha was intrigued. As she learned more about it, she was thoroughly impressed with how the kids learn to play the piano as well as learning basic theory in a comprehensive way. MYC lays solid groundwork for any future musical training!