Violin : Cello : Guitar : Piano : Voice : Sax : Recorder

Christopher Kostyniuk

Saxophone & Piano Instructor, Lydian Studio, B. Mus., B. Ed.

Christopher loves the creation and art of music along with the freedom of expression and “freestylez”. When he was 14, Christopher saw a picture of a sax “playa” and said “THAT’s what I want to play”. Since obtaining his Bachelor of Music from the University of Calgary (Jazz Studies Performance) in 2000 and his Bachelor of Education in 2008, he now pursues both education and music.

Christopher completed a residency at the Mynt Ultralounge in Calgary (2004-2007) and currently performs freestyle improvisation, along with recording and composing with DJs from around the world. He has performed as a sax player alongside world renowned house DJs Tommy Largo, Johnny Fiasco, Halo Vargas, Eddie C, Sean Dimitrie, Timothy Fuller and others. Moreover, he has performed at the opening show for other great DJs such as JT Donaldson and Chuck Love. Christopher completed other residencies between 2011 and 2013 as saxophonist and music manager at the Ubu Lounge, the Black Betty and the Asian Bistro in Calgary. Starting February 2014, he holds a new residency as saxophonist and music manager at Calgary’s hottest nightspot “Standard.”

Playing and recording with jazz groups and musicians such as the University of Calgary Red Band, Hugh Fraser, Bobby Sanabria and Justin Brown (Greg Osby quartet) as well as at many local and national jazz festivals can be added to Christopher’s credentials. (I think we need to add something about teaching experience for Chris – definitely mention his stint as band director last year and maybe Bowtown Music, others?)

Universal wavelength of love, unity, harmony, peace and togetherness: Christopher believes music is therapeutic: “LOVE without pride or complexities. There is a reason we know each other. The universe has chosen and will permit this. Everyday is miraculous. Believe and spread Truth, Joy and Positivity.”