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Fees and Registration


The following is a breakdown of course costs based on the length of individual lessons. Please note that group lessons have a flat rate of an additional $54.00 per month. The third column shows the adjusted total cost of lessons for a student participating in group lessons, and both group and private lessons, respectively.

  Monthly Payment Total Cost Group Lesson Option
1.5 Hour Lessons $334.80 $1674.00 $270.00 / 1944.00
1 Hour Lessons $223.20 $1116.00 $270.00 / 1386.00
45 Minute Lessons $167.40 $837.00 $270.00 / 1107.00
30 Minute Lessons $111.60 $558.00 $270.00 / 828.00

Group Classes

If you or your child learns better in a group environment, or if they simply want more time to practice, please see the group classes section for more information about our exciting array of courses offered.


New Students: Registering a new student requires a non-refundable $35 registration fee per student; this registration payment covers the entire academic year.

Returning Students: A returning student who wishes to register is required to pay a $20 registration fee; this registration payment covers the entire academic year.

Registration costs must be paid at the time of registration. Tuition may be paid annually with a single cheque dated September 1, 2013, or with 10 cheques dated September 1, 2013 through June 1, 2014. The cheques should be written out to Christine Williams.

All tuition cheques must accompany the registration form in order to complete registration and to be eligible for classes.