Violin : Cello : Guitar : Piano : Voice : Sax : Recorder

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The best soundtracks blend seamlessly into the background, enhancing the emotional component of a movie, without the audience even realizing its there. Why should your event be any different?

The Lydian Trio is an extensively experienced, reasonably priced string trio with a broad repertoire that can be tailored to your event. We offer music ranging from classical to Celtic or contemporary music.

When done well, music supplements the emotions and atmosphere of any event. It can also provide a conversation topic for those awkward moments at social events where large groups of people, who do not know each other, are brought together! Lydian Trio’s repertoire can fill the silences at your event effortlessly – making your guests feel welcomed and entertained, without having to rely on their host to be present at all times.

Enhance your wedding or function with this unique, events dynamic trio.